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Never miss another concert

There's nothing worse than finding out your favorite band or artist is coming to town but you're too late to get tickets.

Ticketmaster widget can help prevent this by showing on your desktop what's on sale on the Ticketmaster website. It can be completely customized based on where you live although it only supports those users living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

The widget has 4 tabs which show different categories of events: Music, Sports, Arts & Theater and Family. Clicking on the event title takes you to the artists page with more information from where you can also go to the Ticketmaster website to buy tickets. Alternatively, you can search or filter the results by category such as Blues, R&B, Pop etc. It doesn't however allow you to configure alerts for bands - a desktop alert feature would be a welcome addition to this widget.

Ticketmaster Widget is a simple and effective widget that can help ensure you never miss a big gig or concert again.


  • Lists events by category or genre
  • Linked directly to Ticketmaster site


  • Only works in certain countries
  • Doesn't offer alerts

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Ticketmaster Widget


Ticketmaster Widget 1.0 for Mac

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